The sending of copies of reports, documents, or means of proof referred to in article 56 of the Law (LCE: Art. 56), will be made simultaneously to its presentation to the Ministry. The interested parties will send by any means, including electronic copies to the other interested parties that appear in the resolution initiating the procedures or in the list of parties that the Ministry (RLCE: Art. 1) provide them later. This obligation doesn´t exempt the investigating authority from providing, at the expense of those who request it, a certified copy of the public information contained in the administrative records in the administrative file.

    At the time of the delivery of the documentation referred to in the previous paragraph, the interested parties must also present proof of sending of the same to the other interested parties, as well as the corresponding acknowledgment in which the name of the sender and the date of receipt, in accordance with the formats issued by the Ministry.

    In the event that the interested parties do not comply with the transfer, the Ministry may not take into account the information of which no transfer has been made and resolve based on the facts that are known. The party that hasn´t received the transfer must inform the Ministry.