The request may be submitted (RLCE: Art. 137) by legally constituted organizations (RLCE: Art. 136), individuals or legal entities producers:

  • Of identical or similar merchandise (RLCE: Art. 37) to those that are being imported or intended to be imported (RLCE: Art. 79) in conditions of unfair international trade practices, or

  • In the case of safeguard measures, of identical, similar merchandise or directly competitive to those that are being imported in such quantity and under conditions that cause serious damage or threat of serious damage to the national industry.

    Applicants must be representative of at least 25% of the production (RLCE: Art. 60) total identical or similar merchandise, or directly competitive, produced by the national industry.

    In the corresponding request, it must be expressed in writing before the competent authority and in protest of telling the truth the arguments that support the need to apply compensatory fees or safeguard measures. In said application, the requirements established in regulation (RLCE: Art. 75) (RLCE: Art. 118). Applicants will have the obligation to accompany the written forms established by the Ministry for this purpose. (LCE: Art. 3) (RLCE: Art. 1)